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Our Smoke Detection Maintenance Service

Isn't it true that the safety and security of your commercial property are paramount?

At Christchurch Fire Alarm Pros, we're not just providers of top-tier fire detection systems, but we're also a trusted partner in maintaining the integrity of these systems. We're armed with a wealth of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, ensuring your systems are always at peak performance.

Christchurch Fire Alarm Pros

At Christchurch Fire Alarm Pros, we're experts in installing a wide range of fire and smoke detection systems, including leading brands such as Pertronic, Ampac, Protec, Tyco, and Notifier (Honeywell).

We've made a name for ourselves in the Canterbury region with our dedication to safety and high-quality installations. We don't just install systems; we ensure they're fully operational and our customers understand how to use them.

We're also proficient in gas detection systems from top-notch brands like MSR or Polygard, MSA, Honeywell, Bacharach, and VCP. We're more than just installers; we partner with our clients to create a safer environment.

You can count on us for reliable, comprehensive fire alarm solutions that protect your assets and give you peace of mind.

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Commercial Maintenance Services Explained

Building on our expertise in fire and smoke detection system installations, we also offer top-tier commercial maintenance services to ensure your safety systems remain in peak condition. Our dedicated team conducts regular checks, repairs, and replacements to keep your systems functioning optimally.

Our maintenance services include:

- System Checks: We conduct thorough inspections to identify any potential issues.

- Routine inspections

- Emergency inspections

- Repairs: We fix any identified faults to prevent system failure.

- Minor repairs

- Major repairs

- Replacements: We replace any outdated or malfunctioning components to ensure safety.

- Alarm replacements

- Sensor replacements

With our maintenance services, we're committed to ensuring your systems are always ready to protect you and your property.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Services

Choosing our services gives you the advantage of receiving top-notch safety solutions backed by a proficient team of experts. We're not just about installing alarms; we ensure they're optimally functioning through regular maintenance.

Our team has a broad knowledge of various brands like Pertronic, Ampac, Protec, Tyco, and Notifier. We also specialize in gas detection systems from MSR, Polygard, MSA, Honeywell, Bacharach, and VCP.

You'll benefit from our extensive experience and commitment to safety. We're reliable, responsive, and dedicated to protecting your business from fire risks. Plus, we're locally based in Christchurch, ensuring speedy service whenever you need it.

With us, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in peace of mind. Trust us for your fire safety needs.